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Course offerings winter term 2021/22

The Department of Finance and Banking offers various lectures for specialization as well as lectures from the core program in economics.

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Master seminar winter term 2021/22

The "Seminar in Finance" (Master, Prof. Ruckes) at the Department of Finance and Banking in the upcoming winter term 2021/22 will be on "Corporate Governance". A list of topics and the time schedule is provided via the Wiwi portal.

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Bachelor und Master theses

Current topics of Bachelor and Master thesis offerings at the Department of Finance and Banking can be found on our German website. Access from outside the KIT network requires the VPN client from the SCC.


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(23.11.2021) BAIN Lecture - How to get value from M&A. This online event is part of the Valuation lecture.
(10.11.2021) Time schedule for the exams during the winter term 2021/22.
(18.10.2021) Regular exam reviews could currently not be offered. We aprreciate your understanding. For further information click here.
(15.10.2021) Friendly reminder: The Valuation lecture is going to start online on Monday, October 18, 12:00 PM via Zoom. The link is provided on Ilias.
(13.10.2021) Course offerings during the winter term 2021/22.
(13.10.2021) The lecture on "Business Models of Banks" will be offered for the last time during this winter term. The last exam will be offered in the summer term 2022.
(13.10.2021) Lecture schedule on "Business Models of Banks" during the winter term 2021/22.
(10.08.2021) Results for the following exams are available via the Campus Management System: Financial Management, Financial Intermediation, Financial Analysis, Financial Accounting for Global Firms, and Valuation.
(26.11.2020) Three awards for excellence in teaching received. Read more.
(20.04.2020) The secretary's office is closed until further notice but can be contacted via email or phone (+49 721 608-43427).
(13.03.2020) Until further notice there will be no office hours but you can contact us by phone (or via MS-Teams). We apologize for any inconvenience.
(25.02.2020) The research project "Inflation Expectations, Personality Traits and Monetary Policy" (Dr. Hoang) has received financial support by Deutsche Bundesbank.
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