Teaching and Education at the Department of Finance and Banking

The Department of Finance and Banking is committed to provide excellence in training and education for our students. Our teaching goal is to communicate the power of financial ideas and methods across a wide range of Bachelor and Master courses using economic theory and models, empirical applications and a variety of valuable insights from business practices. Whether the domain is global financial markets, financial contracts, investment and financing decisions or the regulation of financial institutions - financial and economic literacy is essential and increasingly important.

Our group of talented researchers and teachers works collaboratively to ensure that our students are highly qualified—and competitive—upon graduation in various areas of modern finance. We tackle questions in topics of corporate finance, banking and financial intermediation that global businesses and society face today using a cross-disciplinary approach of theoretical and empirical methods and techniques. We analyse and apply theoretical models, use computational techniques as well as econometric methods and empirical approaches to examine and discuss a variety of the most current phenomena and economic issues in the areas of corporate finance and banking.

Research at the Department of Finance and Banking is broad, international and inclusive—balanced between the development of new theoretical models and the empirical analysis of financial and economic questions in the areas of modern corporate finance, financial intermediation and banking. Our academic objective is to engage in international research and academic activities that contribute to today’s issues in modern corporate finance, financial intermediation and banking with significant academic and societal influence.

Course offerings

The Department offers the follwowing courses:

Winter term:

  • Valuation (Master)
  • Financial Intermediation (Bachelor, Master)
  • Financial Accounting for Global Firms (Bachelor)
  • Business Models of Banks (Bachelor)
  • Seminar in Finance (Master, Prof. Ruckes)

Summer term:

  • Corporate Financial Policy (Master)
  • Financial Management (Bachelor)
  • Corporate Risk Management (Master)
  • Financial Analysis (Master)
  • Strategic Finance and Technology Change (Bachelor, Master)
  • Seminar in Finance (Bachelor, Prof. Ruckes)

We refer to our German website for an overview of the course offerings during the current term.

The allocation of courses to the modules of the Bachelor and Master study can be found here.

Bachelor and Master thesis

Furthermore, the Department of Finance and Banking offers the possibility for Bachelor and Master thesis four times every year. Deadlines for applications are January 31st, April 30th, July 31st, and October 31st.

For recent Bachelor and Master thesis offerings, we refer to our German website: "Bachelor- & Masterarbeiten".

Please note that the website can only be accessed within the KIT network and might therefore require to login via the VPN-Client if you are located outside the KIT network.


The Department of Finance and Banking offers on an alternating basis seminars for Bachelor and Master students. Bachelor seminars are held in the summer term while Master seminars take place during the winter term.

An overview of topics of past seminars can be found here.